Ankara – Turkey

Ankara is the capital of Turkey. It is in Anatolia and lies on two continents: Europe and Asia.
About 30% of Ankara residents live on the European side and 70% on the Asian side.
In Ankara, you will find many historical sites, both Christian and Muslim.

The total population makes up over 10% of Turkey, with most of the residents living in Ankara – in the Kizilay district to be precise. While only 8% speak Turkish, like in the city of Antalya as a motive, there is easy access to modern tourism.
Ankara has a large green zone, which is about 22.2 km2 (89 sq mi), called Ulus or Gölbaşı District Lake: it is a recreation center for city dwellers to be closer to nature. Ankara has a humid continental climate with warm, hot summers and cold, snowy winters. Ankara’s highest natural point is Mount Hasan, which reaches a height of 1,013 meters (3,346 feet) above sea level. Ankara is a large industrial city and by far the fastest growing city in Turkey.

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