Berlin – Germany

Berlin is the capital and largest city of the German state of Berlin. It is a German federal state in east-central Germany. It is also the largest city in Germany and Europe. The city has a population of 3.5 million making it an unofficial world city in terms of population. Berlin has been an important European center for over 500 years

The city of Berlin is located in north-eastern Germany on the banks of the Havel between the Elbe and the Oder. Berlin, the largest city in Germany and Europe, is a major European cultural destination. Berlin has a large number of museums that document an incredible range of human achievements, displaying vast collections – including antiques, jewels and coins, clothing, armor, and musical instruments – with thousands more on display in the Unter den Linden galleries. And let’s not forget that time was spent in the comfort of the lush Brandenburg Forest.

A large number of universities and colleges in Berlin also enlivens the diverse cultural life of the city. Universities include Humboldt University, Free University, Technical University, and others.

Berlin is known for its many cultural institutions that aim to preserve the city’s diverse heritage. The institutions equip themselves with up-to-date scientific techniques, for example, to research the collections that are so important for our understanding of social and art history. This makes retention efforts more efficient than ever.

Berlin is a major international center of creative industries and supports broader cultural ambitions with various funding programs such as International Fellowship Programs in various artistic disciplines.

Berlin is worth a trip for its diversity alone. The historic stone barns of the Wilhelmsharre is an important testament to the old headdress fashion – 150m long corridors house two acres of wax figures in their original 19th-century urban setting. The State Museum of Art and Cultural History is a treasure trove of ancient art and artifacts, including the world’s oldest illustrated Bible. If you’re looking for more modern sights and things to do in the city, head to Kreuzberg – here you’ll find plenty of bars and clubs, as well as the world-famous Babybel cheese factory. On the shore of Lake Teltow near Steglitz lies the most beautiful zoo in the German capital, Tierpark Berlin – here you can observe Siberian tigers and African lions in their natural environment.

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