Hockey (Ice and Field)

Hockey (Ice and Field)

Hockey is a sport played in the northern hemisphere. It has been played for centuries and there are many different variations of hockey that have evolved over the years. . Hitting and kicking the ball is one of the most important skills in playing hockey. A player can play with either a racquet or a puck. The players are usually goaltenders who protect the net when shooting the puck. That makes it very difficult to score goals. The game is played by 2 teams of players on the ice (called players) and they try to reach what is called a “goal”. A goal is when a player or team shoots the puck into an empty net (called a net). Hockey is played all over the world and many different styles of hockey have evolved over time.


Ice hockey is a two player game. A goalkeeper and a striker. There are three types of ice hockey players: goaltenders, defenders, and forwards. Everyone has their own role and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. These three types of hockey players define the many different subtypes that exist in the game today.
Goaltenders are the ones who need to control the puck and make saves. They have a very small margin of error in their game and need to be able to time their saves perfectly every time. This is where your goalkeeper gets his name. Goalkeepers are also referred to as number one because they usually wear the number 1 on their jersey, at most some lettering. This is because this number reflects the quality and importance of their position. The word goalkeeper also means “one who guards” or “one who watches,” so it can be protective as well as watchful. They also have to pay attention to all directions so they don’t get distracted by anything, like a whistle blowing in their face!

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