The world has always been obsessed with antiquity, and today is no different. Thousands of constructions have been made in the past and still exist in many parts of the world. The more recent constructions are all taking place in modern times, these include some famous world monuments like Taj Mahal, Cairo Museum or Grand Mosque, Beijing Olympic Stadium etc. . Ancient structures, monuments and inscriptions that were historically significant and contributed to the development of a country are often associated with the excellence and cultural heritage of a particular nation, region or country. They can be used as a source of income or to beautify the landscape and are often used to mark property lines, streets, parks, squares or military installations. Listed buildings can also be subject to monument protection.

Old History

History consists of a long timeline of oral tradition, events, and facts. Unfortunately, we all have difficulty creating a long timeline of the past, making it very difficult to know history by writing it down. A writing culture developed in which great life skills were passed from generation to generation through the written word.

Every historical period affected by strong law or religion had many powerful practitioners who not only tracked all major events (religious and secular), but perhaps created them from the beginning, right? Since then the night has grown darker; Our world has heard rumors and legends when huge huge spaceships appeared over the Greek planet Thirne within a day. Before the Romans conquered Italy and instituted the rule of law, a small Jewish tribe known as Saladin’s Relatives forbade their people from practicing magic. This law was not limited to just boys and girls, but went so far as to forbid those who were not considered “pure” bloodlines in their own families, such as royal princes or nobles, from also joining this category.

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