Creating usable weapons requires unique knowledge and expertise. Regarding unknowns, although the important factors are fixed, e.g. B. what ammo is available, how fast it fires, how many levels it can reach (beyond just name-dropping), etc. There are also relative unknowns, such as the tech level of various weapons. For example, a 15th level weapon should be fairly powerful, while a 20th level weapon should be less powerful. The bad news is that it cannot be reliably identified just by looking at the stats. However, once you have a reasonable idea of how powerful the weapon is, it can be used in a variety of ways

The history of guns is a great topic because it contains endless information about all the different types of guns that have ever been invented. It includes the names, purpose, where and when they were invented, how they worked, and why they were used for military purposes.

The use of weapons by different countries has become a more complex issue than many people realize and it is important that everyone understand the difference between “weapons” and “military equipment”. In the 1990s and 2000s, when most western countries were engaged in military conflicts, there was a lot of discussion about “armament”. The term was used sensibly by many people who weren’t in the military. This is how many people, including me at the time, understood the term. In this article I will explain why countries should not use the term “armor” to refer to military equipment and should use “military equipment” instead.

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