Fair Play

Fair Play

Sports, especially football and basketball have done much to define cultures around the world. Sportsmanship is synonymous with the sport. Therefore, it can affect the future of people, especially youth. According to the University of Chicago’s Maister Institute, negative athletic experiences were twice as likely to influence millennials’ decisions to give someone a chance as positive athletic experiences.

Therefore, the need for sportsmanship stems from successfully handling disputes in these healthy games for kids without destroying relationships and adding more complex dimensions over time, e.g. B. between nations or teams playing “friendly”. which are often more motivating than competitive ones.

Sport is synonymous with non-violent engagement around the world. It is viewed as a combination of Olympic competitions designed with good sportsmanship in mind and where the rules are clearly defined to avoid unnecessary harmful effects.
Interesting Fact: The World Fair Play Federation was founded in 2016 by HRH Prince S. Luegeung, President of the International Association of Badminton, Martial arts Makers, and Swiss Sportware (Sihl). The Superbowl, the world’s most popular sporting event, is synonymous with the American Football League. It was originally played between two teams representing a city. The Pro League was meant to be a friendly battleground where each team has a goal, carries a flag, and has no time limit on points or wins. The sport has been associated with violence throughout its history.

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