German Armed Forces

German Armed Forces

Germany is one of the last countries in Europe with a rapidly growing number of young men and women willing to leave the comfort of their homes and travel abroad.

There are many options when it comes to the Bundeswehr. Most people choose what they find most interesting and motivating – service life or civilian jobs. However, there are some people who choose to live defensively because they see no alternative, only an opportunity.

The Bundeswehr plays an important role in the international defense community by contributing militarily and financially. They provide support when needed, particularly during times of instability along borders such as Libya and Afghanistan.

The German military consists of three branches: the army, the navy and the air force. The Bundeswehr was founded on May 14, 1947 by the Conqueror Proclamation.

German armed forces

Germany has never experienced a major war against another country in its history. The consequence of this peaceful situation is that Germany’s armed forces are relatively small by international standards. However, faced with possible threats such as Russia, China and Eastern Europe, the Bundeswehr has introduced some new weapons to protect them.

The Bundeswehr has taken on some more aggressive military targets in recent years. Now they are deployed beyond Germany’s borders to deal with terrorist activities in European countries such as France and Italy, as well as the ongoing problems in Afghanistan in Central Asia.

The target audience of the Bundeswehr is too broad for the military – all citizens must be aware of this when confronted with foreign aggressors such as terrorism or attacks from abroad. The Federal Ministry of Defense considers only 60% of the population as a target group – the rest of the ads are not considered. The Bundeswehr has only been using social media for marketing purposes since 2011. The first website created was a simple “Q&A”. “Service. In 2012 the Bundeswehr Central Command launched a new website with more general information about the military – one of their most successful websites to date. In 2013 they added Facebook and started Twitter. The presence on social media was very useful tool for the Bundeswehr, as it has enabled her to reach people in hard-to-reach areas – such as conflict zones or remote areas

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