Rastafarianism is a religion founded in Jamaica in 1966. She has a strong following around the world. Many people are familiar with this religion as it comes from the Bible and many like to refer to its name as Rasta. . The Rastafarian Church is a very popular religion in Jamaica. There are many different versions of this religion across the country, but they all share some common elements. Rastafarians believe that the Bible is inspired by God and guides them to follow him as they pray for eternal life. The first thing one needs to know about religion is its history. The religion is an offshoot of the Black Nationalist movement that was underway in the 1960s. The movement aimed to once again promote black pride and unity through a song known as the “Rastafarian Prayer.”

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Rastafarians who follow the African religion of cannabis, Rastafarianism, maintain that the name of the Lord must not be desecrated and that cannabis use is a form of worship. This leads some religious scholars to argue that Rastafarians are violating marijuana prohibition, instead claiming that it is a person’s right to use marijuana. . According to the United States National Drug Control Policy, the possession and sale of cannabis is a federal felony. However, federal law does not prohibit all states from legalizing the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. The passage of Proposition 215 (California’s 1994 initiative) legalized the use of medical and recreational marijuana in California. In May 2000, Maryland voters approved Question 6, a ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana use in the state. On May 17, 2013, US District Judge William H. Orrick III of San Francisco ruled that California’s ban on medicinal cannabis was unconstitutional. He clarified that “there is no constitutional distinction between the health effects of marijuana and those of alcohol.”


Rastafarians are a British-Caribbean community who follow the African cannabis religion. They call it “Rasta” and they worship their Lord, Rastafarian Emperor God Rastas, who is said to be one of the “original cannabis seeds”. which has existed for more than 100 years. The Rastafari movement grew out of the African Ziona Church, founded in Jamaica in 1932 by Bob Marley and his brothers. This church was a branch of the Black Hebrew Church that rose to prominence in Jamaica in the late 19th century. The Ziona Church was free from many of the limitations of the Black Hebrew Church, and its members were more open to new ideas. African Ziona believers were also against racism. The Rastafarian movement began in the 1970s with a strong African-Caribbean identity and many of those involved have been for over 50 years. Rastas are known for sporting cannabis dreadlocks and believe that they are the true Rastafarians in the truest sense of the word in the world. There are many different sects within Rastafari, some of which reject all other forms of religion,

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