Right-Wing Extremism

Right-Wing Extremism

Right-wing extremism or alt-right is a specific form of right-wing extremism. The following are just some of the ideologies that often lead to this movement: identity politics, white supremacy, anti-immigration and anti-Muslim sentiments, and so on. Showing that the ideology is a threat to democracy, the rule of law and freedom of expression must be addressed in order to protect people’s civil rights.

A nation or state is “not” a religion, but it has religious rituals, beliefs, and values that people seek to follow and respect, which are constitutional and recognized by international human rights treaties. But extreme ideologies will always remain in check

In recent years, widespread issues such as white-collar crime and the Trade Facilitation Agency have made it clear that governments should focus more on giving protesters and nationalists an equal voice. This debate has also exposed the ugly sides of many governments, ranging from authoritarian regimes to liberal democracies. who use laws to oppress their citizens and suppress freedom of speech. Hong Kong protesters would be happy if the government cracked down on those breaking the law, while nationalists also wanted to prevent political movements from gaining a foothold in Hong Kong by trying to isolate it or create problems for it inside China, like in Taiwan. Some argue that if the government does not differentiate between pro- and anti-Chinese groups, the state itself would be an enemy of China.

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