Volleyball is a non-contact sport played on a court with two players per team. It consists of two teams of eleven players each, who compete with a ball for the main contact with the pitch. The game includes dribbling, passing and shooting. Capabilities. The team that scores the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner. A volleyball court is an elongated rectangular field with a net supported by columns at each end. The net has edge distances of about 50 centimeters, which allows it to spread out on either side of the field without touching other players. There is a smaller gate in the middle. A volleyball court is used for volleyball games,


The game of volleyball originated from a sport played in the southern part of the island of Sicily in the late 15th century. It was brought to Naples by traders and sailors in 1442. In 1580 it was introduced to Spain by a Dutch merchant ship. It was brought back to Malta by a Spanish merchant in 1666. After its introduction in Malta, the game spread quickly, bouncing from island to island as it was played at home and at sea. In 1785 the game became so popular that a tournament held on Capo Passero became known as the “Italian Olympiad”. Today, anyone living on the island of Malta can watch football and rugby matches on a big screen in public places. Rugby In Malta was formed in 1959 as an acronym for Rugby League In Malta. A rugby league team was formed in December 1962 by a group of local rugby league enthusiasts including Vic Gibbons, George Srith, Richard Karne, JFA ‘B’ and John Gabbi and Sam Papadopoulos. The team was named “Malta Harlequins” in honor of the Italian term “Lazzarini” which meant a member of the armed forces. The first game organized by the club took place on 15 April 1963 and Malta won both the game and the tournament

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