German Confederation

German Confederation

The German Confederation was founded in 1815 by the Congress of Vienna. Its creation marked a new period in the development of German history, in which the member states regained sovereignty lost during the Napoleonic Wars, joined forces to neutralize France and ensure European security


The German Confederation dates back to 1815. For the first 25 years, it functioned according to the rules of Frankfurt citizenship. In 1850 a new constitution was enacted. Revised in July 1867, it became known as the Basic Law for the German Confederation.

Germany joined its partners in the European Union on October 3, 1973. West Germany became a member after 1972 and East Germany after 1990, leading to reunification with Berlin as the capital in 2000. The country is governed by a parliamentary democracy based on organic law consisting of a written text of the “Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany”. It also consists of three other elements: Treaty of European Union
The country is divided into four sovereign states; Borders with Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, while NATO and EU borders reach
in. The country democratic, federal, and social state with a market economy based on common rules

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