Drawing Design

Drawing Design

Drawing design is the artistic act of creating images with lines and colors on paper or another three-dimensional surface through expressive, physical means, using various instruments to create expressive lines.

The drawing can be created by hand with pencil or pen and ink as a digital image using a pen tablet and digital art software

For art students using both mediums, drawing often resembles a painting. Frequently painted motifs are portraits, landscapes, and still lifes.

Drawing Culture

The drawing culture has been around for centuries. However, some psychologists consider it the oldest human art form and even a universal language.

As various genres became more popular, including humor, the design was also introduced as an art style. AI about 10 years ago allows designers to achieve a certain level of “inspiration” through the generation of images. Not only visual representations are created, but simple sentences and advice.

The AI’s role is more than just creating the artwork; They replace some human forms with a level design process where humans no longer make decisions on the canvas but within the software program itself. Usually used in certain mediums such as digital painting and digital transformation design through illustration.

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