The Druze are a Middle Eastern people living in Syria and Lebanon. They are mainly focused on the Syrian part of this country. The Druze are a large group of people in the Middle East who formed their own state known as the Kingdom of Greater Syria, which included what is now Lebanon, parts of Palestine and Jordan. The Druze religion originates from Judaism and is one of the oldest monotheistic religions. Today, over 1 million Druze live in Syria and Lebanon. The Druze people have a unique culture and language based on the original beliefs of their religion, primarily including the Jewish faith. The word “Druze” comes from the name of a mountain called Zawiya, meaning “height” or “mountain” and is also the name of a traditional dress. It was said to have been worn by the Prophet Mohammed after he asked God to make this dress appear before him. As a custom in honor of the Holy Baha’u’llah, the Druze wear white robes on special occasions such as weddings and funerals.

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The Druze theory further explores the inefficiencies of today’s globalisation, focusing on trading patterns and practices. It seeks to analyse the economics behind money laundering and tax evasion, but also examines how these phenomena are exacerbated by political intervention. The Druze theory highlights the importance of the global financial system to political stability, and examines the way in which money-laundering affects many sectors. It argues that money generated from crime is used to bribe politicians and corrupt state institutions, undermining sovereign states and threatening social order.In addition to a large number of trade policy papers, this edited collection also includes important contributions from a number of key researchers in the field, including: Anwara (2007), Ayyash (1994a, 1994b) and Galantin-Poppell et al. (2011).


The Druze are predominantly Arab Muslims and the descendants of the ancient Phoenicians. The Druze religion is based on religious philosophy and follows a monotheistic belief system known as Sufism. Around 400,000 Druze live in Syria and Lebanon. They practice their religion in a unique way that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. . The Druze are known to be hard workers and have a reputation for being very vigilant in their personal lives. This is because the Druze, who live their lives according to a strict religious code, do not marry until they are 18. They only marry those of their sex for whom they follow certain traditions, such as wearing veils over their faces and wearing soleless shoes. Also, only men who are considered sacred are allowed to ride horses. Only women can be enlisted for large sums of money and provide the necessary financial support for a family on behalf of her husband when he falls ill or gives birth to a needy child.

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