The United Nations (UN) established the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to combat human rights abuses around the world through advocacy and support

The establishment of the OHCHR embodied an increased commitment by the United Nations to the defense of human rights. It arose at a time when the UN was facing a “massive proliferation” of human rights abuses during various periods including colonialism, World War I and World War II. The conflict between Soviet oppression and Western countries brought new challenges to address these issues. The multinational community sought political innovation

OHCHR was founded on November 11, 1948 and originally had 6 employees. However, with more than 108 member states and growing membership such as Resolution 60/251, Council Resolution 51/146, 2797FAO and recognition by the United Nations General Assembly, it has grown into one of the largest offices in the United Nations system


The Origins and Purpose of Humanity is the purpose behind OHCHR RIWAP’s compilation of evolving materials. The main purpose of this initiative is to take a fresh look at human rights strategy as a result of technology and its implementation in society.

Responding to natural disasters and increasingly dangerous conflicts, including human rights abuses, were situations in which peacekeeping had to require maximum efficiency to save lives.

An important starting point for RIRWAP was the study “Improving Humanitarian Aid through Technology”, which confirmed an increasing demand for Internet-based information exchange and communication.

The Origin and Destinations of Humanity Initiative is primarily analyzed by RIRWAP and can be applied in real-world scenarios to guide the world through advice on specific scenarios, such as: natural disasters, to make it a better place

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