United Nations

United Nations

The United Nations has been involved in expanding principles and rules for global peace. She first dealt with questions of war and order at the beginning of the Second World War. His influence continued to grow over time, adding new aspects such as gender equality to the laws still under his auspices. . In 1997, the United Nations adopted a set of principles for peacekeeping, which it adheres to to this day. The UN Charter and other UN Security Council resolutions established rules for peacekeeping, declaring that any force operating under UN auspices must comply with international humanitarian law (IHL). More specifically, the United Nations rather than having an enforceable military force on the ground, mandated to conduct investigations and make recommendations to members for resolving their disputes. In other words, it is not an enforcement power. There are many problems with this approach. For one, it makes peacekeeping very difficult because it is difficult for the UN to enforce compliance in a given situation when member states refuse to cooperate

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The United Nations was founded in October 1945. From that date, the treaty provisions created at the San Francisco Conference superseded the international agreements. However, it is disputed when the UN Charter came into force.

Many European countries were reluctant to attend the United Nations conference, assuming it would only serve as an alternative to war. In a vote in 1945, France was the only country to vote against close cooperation with the United Nations. Although Italy had voted against an anti-bomb force, after its election in 1946 it joined France in expanding peacekeeping efforts around the world. in the fight against human rights violations, poverty and disease. The European Union (EU) was founded in 1993 with the aim of establishing a European Community by 1997. The last EU summit took place on July 3, 1999 in Amsterdam. Belgium, France and Luxembourg ratified the treaty unifying the European Union by 2019.


The main goals formulated in the organization’s pronouncements range from the rights and duties of states to the eradication of poverty and the promotion of world peace.

The United Nations is a specialized agency of the United Nations that mainly deals with domestic political issues. Founded on October 24, 1945, just after World War II, following the liberation of France from Nazi occupation, it paused to reflect on how international peace could be achieved and a Third World War best avoided. The UN is mainly funded by voluntary contributions from member states. Its budget is funded through levies imposed on member states and collected by the United Nations central bank, the International Monetary Fund. The organization’s mission is to coordinate international action on economic and social issues, as well as on some of these international security issues, to achieve “international cooperation”. The organization provides a platform for more than 500 non-governmental organizations to take on this role.

Reviews and awards

The United Nations consists of 192 member states and is claimed by them as an important organization. The UN’s reputation is not all good, however, and not all nations wholeheartedly support it. She has been criticized in recent years for factors such as her work for Middle East peace, corrupt practices or leadership that often leads to a bias towards international affairs.

Despite being recognized as one of the most respected and operational organizations in the world, there are some who believe that the United Nations, despite its best efforts, does not go far enough for world peace and sustainable development.

There are also a number of awards and criticisms from the United Nations. With each award, more shoes eclipse them, and at an exponential pace. This newly added aspect has caused many to question the effectiveness of such an organization during the evaluation period.”

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