20th century

20th century

The 20th century was the most important period in human history. It is known as the modern century. The 20th century revolutionized the world through science, technology and social progress. . The best of all revolutions was the revolution in depth, which led to an even better world. This revolution was a great success, we can see that today. This revolution has not only led to a better life for everyone, but also changed the way we think about culture and science. The 20th century also brought science and technology to the fore. This led to a new world in which people lived in harmony with nature and each other. Two hundred years ago, people called this the “Age of Enlightenment.” The globe was at peace, people had more choices, and life was better than ever. people were happy


In the 20th century, humans sought to alter natural possibilities with tremendous technological advances that had previously been reserved for building world-class museums, restaurants, universities, and nuclear weapons fuel facilities. From Einstein to Zero Ionia and DNA to virtuality, anything was possible. Today, phones with no built-in sensors make our voices echo across the globe. . And yet we are unable to really give meaning to our lives. The problem is that these technologies are not perfect: they do not guarantee us happiness and the fulfillment of all human desires. The great paradox of the 1980s was that technological advances led to increasing affluence and mobility of people, but also to a kind of detachment from real life. People could achieve their dreams, but they no longer had the time or energy to share them with other people. Then we encountered the era of virtual reality, in which this paradox becomes an essential topic: virtual reality and immersion in isolated worlds are not only a source of pleasure and entertainment, but also a way to circumvent some problems, that digital technology can cause.

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