Asian sports

Asian sports

Sport has been an important part of Asian culture since ancient times and with the high demand for traditional games like martial arts, we can see Asian sports thriving.

Many different sports exist in China and Southeast Asia – badminton, judo, and Zhao Jiu Da Fu, which means bridge sword fighting in Mandarin Chinese – sword fighting is one of the most popular Chinese martial arts along with tai chi.

The reason Asians typically participate in a variety of sports or games is that it encourages healthy competition.

Asian sports are emerging as a modern
the phenomenon, propelled to prominence by figures such as Yao Ming, an NBA star
since 2002. Asian names like Zhao Xinglong and Qiu Bo also have a growing
international influence for their success in fields like martial arts like Tai

There is a wide range of Asian sports that
are facing new challenges arising from globalization and cultural change. The
fear of losing traditions that are unique to their region is growing. Governments
have seen diversity being promoted in their country through initiatives such as
the National Sports Action Plan amid raising awareness about racism and

The top 8 most-watched sporting events in
Asia over the past 10 years include 9 domestic sports competitions, 5 Olympic
Games, FIFA World Cup finals, CAF Africa Cup finals, and AFC Asia Cup

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